Tips for Adopting Dogs

Tips for Adopting Dogs

By Elisabeth W

They are called "man's best friend" for a reason. Dogs are amazing companions who love their owners unconditionally. If you are thinking about adding a furry family member, then consider adopting or fostering. These are great options for new pet owners as they help keep pets out of shelters. When you adopt, you help save lives of animals who might have a limited number of days left at a shelter. Not only have you rescued a deserving dog by going the adopting route, you have also gained a new best friend. Fostering is also a fantastic choice if you can’t commit to a pupper long term but still want to make a difference.

Also, by choosing to "adopt and not shop", you save a ton of vet visits for puppy shots and vaccines as well as spaying or neutering surgeries. These are often done as soon as the pup enters a shelter.

Keep reading for tips on adopting a pup of your own. 

  1. Research local shelters in your area
  • This is often the best way to start. Many shelters have websites that list their adoptable dogs, and you can easily schedule to meet the dog and fill out an adoption or foster application.
  • If you happen to be in the NYC area, here are some wonderful shelters to consider:
    • Don’t forget to look into the requirements each shelter has in place. Many shelters require an interview, home visit, and references. Some even desire that you live in a house and receive your landlord’s approval before they will consider your application.
    1. Look into different breeds
      • Many people don't realize that you can actually find pure bred dogs at animal rescues.
      • Be open to adopting a dog of any breed. You never know which pup you will connect with.
      • You can even foster a pet to see if you connect with different sizes and activity levels.
        • Best Friends is a wonderful NYC organization specializes in fostering pets! 
    1. Make sure to have a play date with your potential new companion.
      • Many shelters offer meet and greet opportunities with their adoptable pets.
      • Get to know this new furry friend by spending some time with them to see if you get along.
    1. Prepare for your new fur baby
      • Once you have met the doggo you know is your person, then it's time to prepare to bring them home!
      • Don’t forget to purchase all of the essentials:
        • Bed, food, bows, toys, treats, leash, collar, harness, poo bags
      • Luckily, Soho Paws has some adorable accessories for your new pupper including harnesses, collars, and sweaters!

    Remember to research the requirements for adopting and fostering at each shelter. Starting your search for a new furry family member is super exciting, and by following the tips above, you can start your adoption or fostering process with ease!

    Requirements for dog adoption

    Best of luck!


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