Elisabeth W - April 7, 2020

Tips for Working at 
Home with Your Dog

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As people all over the world adjust their daily routines and work schedules in the wake of COVID-19, we can’t forget about our furry little friends. The crisis is disruptive to our personal lives, but it also affects our dogs. We get to spend much more time with our pups, but they no longer have reign over the home during the day! For tips on how to work from home with your doggo, read on:

Establish a routine

Schedule.  While at home much more than normal, you may have the urge to binge watch the latest Netflix shows for days on end while cuddling with your pup on the couch. But it is important to create a schedule for your daily life that is comfortable for both you and your doggo.

Habit. To Make sure you give your pup bathroom breaks at specific times throughout the day – dogs are creatures of habit, and walking them at the same time every day helps balance anticipation.

Playtime. Set aside special play times throughout the day when you give your fur baby your undivided attention. Your dog will love getting to be with you (and may nap in his crate afterwards while you’re busy working!).

Create a work space

If you are new to working from home, you may need to create a designated office space that is dog friendly. Don’t leave important work papers or files near the ground. Your pupper may just think these papers are a yummy chew toy. Consider moving your fur baby’s crate and bed next to your desk. This will allow them to feel like they are close to you even if you are busy at work for several hours.

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Keep Your Doggo Occupied

It is important for your furry friend to stay entertained during the day, especially if you must focus on job assignments rather than playing with Fido all day. That means now is the pawfect time to test out new toys (check out our blog next week to find out the best bones for your pup).

Consider signing up for a monthly subscription box filled with a variety of toys and treats. Your pup will go nuts for new toys and chew treats, and here's a handy tip: if you're looking to maintain your work focus while ensuring your dog can potty whenever they want, You might want to check out DoggieLawn or Bark Potty, indoor potty solutions that are eco-friendly, delivered straight to your door, and super convenient during the busy workday.

Try your best to find balance between your work life and responsibilities as a dog owner. It gets easier with time and consistency. Succeeding at your job while giving your fur baby the attention they deserve may take some effort, but the results are well worth it. Follow the tips above and find enjoyment while working from home with your dog. If you think of something we didn’t include, email us at info@sohopaws.org

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